Always Positive!

The “SAY YES!” concept is to promote a Positive attitude in dealing with life’s negative challenges. For example , when life deals us a hand full of lemon’s, we turn it into Something Positive: make Lemonade. “YES!” is a positive word in our vocabulary that attracts other positive people. Everybody has something positive in their lives that they say “YES!” to.


What do you say “YES!” to?

The “Say Yes!” message is intended to promote something positive. For example, “Say Yes! To Life”, “Say Yes! To Good Health”, “Say Yes! To Education” “Say Yes! To Grandkids”, “Say Yes! To Drug-Free”, “Say Yes to…(a business you’re promoting”)

Say Yes! t-shirts are conversation starters.



When wearing your “Say Yes!” t-shirt, People will ask: “What are you saying “YES!” to?” That’s the perfect time to share, promote or express what’s positive in your life you want other people to know. Meet and converse with other positive people that may even share the same or similar interests as yours. Say Yes! T-shirts is an excellent opportunity to even promote your business.


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Say Yes!

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You too can promote your “Say Yes!” wherever you go. People are talking about the Say Yes! Concept:

“Yes!”, what a positive message to promote within itself.” I really like that.”

“I like all the attention I get when I wear my Say Yes! T-shirt.”

“I feel that I’m giving back to my community just by making people smile when they see the Say Yes!   t-shirt I’m wearing.”

“It’s such a good avenue to utilize to bring something positive to our communities.”

“Everybody has a Say Yes! in their life. I recommend this to everybody.”

“I meet and converse with people I never seen before. We have a positive conversation”

I like that I can support my favorite colors on the Say Yes! T-shirts etc., and at the same time promote the Say Yes! Positive message.”

“I enjoy promoting positive attitudes in my surroundings. It always keeps me in a positive mood.”